How to backup your website and delete backups

After you are done changes you should always backup your website.  We keep backups of your website, but it’s your responsibility to keep the latest backup just in case.
Always make sure you have your last backup saved, then delete your last backup and then make a new backup and then download your new backup.
To backup the whole website, do this:
1: Log in to control panel

If you don't know your control panel information, please contact us.
2: click on backup wizard
3: click backup
4: click FULL BACKUP
5: click Generate backup
Now you must save it. 
6: Give it about 5 mins to backup and if you were just backing the website up, at the last screen you were on it should say GO BACK, click that to go back to the backup area and then in the “Backups available for download” area, there should be a link.  If you can't find that, just go in to your control panel home and click on BACKUP
Click that link to save your backup on your own hard drive.
If you keep backing up the website and you do not delete the old backups, it’s going to fill up your website diskspace really fast.  So what you do is delete your last backup files.  This ensures you have maximum space and the latest backup

To delete backup do this:
1: Log in to control panel

If you don't know your control panel information, please contact us.

2: Click File Manager.
3: Click home from the left folder listing. E.g. (/home/username).  If it’s greyed out, you are already home.
4: Click and select your backup file. For example backup-4.18.2018_16-03-24_username.tar.gz.
It should highlight it when you click on it.
5: Click delete
Click  Skip the trash and permanently delete the files
The backup is now deleted.
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